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00.FotoClave 2014 Results
FotoClave 2014 Results
01. N4C Download Index
Indexed list of downloads
02. N4C Council Documents
Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws
03. N4C Board
Current Board Contact information, Past Officers & Committees, Job Descriptions & Timelines
04. N4C Financials, Tax & Insurance Info
Current Year Budget, Proposed & Actual Expenses and Income, How to Audit the N4C Treasurer's Books, Insrance Provider
05. Intercub Competition & Judging
N4C Competition labels, Judges Manual, Judges List, Sample Judge's Bio & Judging Philosophy, Judging forms, Awards List & Inventory
06. Annual Awards Banquet
Planning Checklist, Sample Contract, Menu, Flyer, Program, Table Name Tags, Award Inventory, Script-Installation of Officers, Financials
07. N4C Venders
Medals, Plaques, Banquet, Other
08. N4C Honors
Honors List 1963-1999, Honors List 1999-2012, Application for Honors Form
09. Past Fundraisers
Flyers, Financials, other
10. Forms, Etc., for Members
Various Forms
11. N4C Newsletter "Foto FanFare"
Past Newsletters
12. Historical
N4C Minutes 2011 & 2012
13. FotoClave
FotoClave Misc.
Miscellaneous Downloads
N4C Print Labels - clubs
N4C print competition labels customized for each club
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Image: N4C banner.jpg
Available for download by: Everyone
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