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1.0 Council Legal and Foundational Documents
Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Filings with the CA Secretary of State
2.0 Board Operation
Job responsibilities and Timelines, Procedures ("How to"), Policies, Rosters, Committees, Board Minutes,
3.0 Financial, Tax & Insurance
Includes Budgets and Monthly Statements, Dues Information, Most Recent Audit Letter, Insurance information, IRS and State Tax exemption documents, and IRS filings
4.0 Interclub Competition and Judging
Note: For current Competition Rules and Division Definitions, see Includes: Monthly Print hosting schedule, Monthly Competitions #places chart, Annual Competition #places chart, Awards inventory, Annual Judging instructions, Judges Manual, Judges Lists, Sample judges biography and philosophy statement, Annual judging forms, Judges Seminar documents
5.0 Annual Awards Banquet
Includes, Timeline of preparation activities, Planning checklist, sample contract, sample menu, sample flyer, sample program, sample place setting name tags, Script for installation of officers, Financials
6.0 Vendors and Sponsors List
for Annual Banquet, FotoClave and other Fundraisers and Events
7.0 Honors
NOTE: For a description of the various honors, see the "Honors" tab on Include Honors Lists and application form
8.0 Fundraisers and Programs
Includes info of FotoClave and Workshops
9.0 Misc. Forms, Banners, Graphics, Labels, Signage etc.
NOTE: See Annual Banquet, FotoClave and Workshops for graphics and forms specific to those events
A.0 Historical Documents (not included elsewhere)
Includes history of N4C, Awards recieved by N4C, Documents no longer active
B.0 Photography Training - Not specific to N4C Competitions
This contains documents of a general nature on photographic techniques, handouts from seminars, etc.
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N4C Print Labels - clubs
N4C print competition labels customized for each club
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Image: N4C banner.jpg
Available for download by: Everyone
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